Fellowship - The Awards Banquet 

The Annual Awards Banquet is held on Saturday evening of Congress Week and offers a prime opportunity to meet new friends and renew old friendships.

A number of competition awards are presented to the proud recipients during the banquet. There are drawings for door prizes donated by our generous sponsors.

There is no way to describe the activities of the evening other than . . . we know how to have fun! If you want to be a part of the woodcarving experience you’ll never forget, plan on being in Maquoketa during all or part of the second full week in June. Come, join us for “Congress Week”!  

Pre-registration for the Banquet is required; to download the Banquet registration form click HERE

Secret Pal Gift Exchange at the 2022 Annual Awards Banquet 

The Carvers' Secret Pal Exchange has been going so well the last couple of years that we decided do it again. Carve something nice... something that takes a bit of time and that you'd be proud to have in someone's collection. We will be collecting carvings throughout Congress.  Turn in yours before the banquet and it will put into a plain paper bag, or you can drop it off when you carry in your carvings for competition the weekend before. You will be given a ticket that will enable you to get a carving in return for the one you carved. You must be present at the banquet to participate in the Carvers' Secret Pal Exchange. Carve something nice to get something nice!