Event Schedule

Event Schedule

The 56th Congress will be held in Maquoketa, IA, the 2nd full week of June - 6/08/24 through 6/15/24.

Saturday, June 8 & Sunday, June 9

Carry in carvings noon-5:00 Saturday 06/08 

                               noon-4:00 Sunday 06/09

Monday, June 10  6:00-8:00am 

pre-registered carry in carvings ONLY.

 Absolutely no exceptions will be allowed in at that time. 

Monday, June 10 through Saturday, June 15

Seminar sessions: Doors open for instructors at 7:30 am. 

Students not admitted until 8:00 am, to allow instructors time to set up for the day, etc.

Monday & Tuesday, June 10 & 11

Closed Judging - showroom closed to all but IWC Board and volunteers

Tuesday, June 11

Annual Membership Meeting, 06:30 PM

Wednesday, June 12

Show setup - showroom closed to all but IWC Board and volunteers

Thursday, June 13 

Competition Showroom open 10:00 AM thru 5:00 PM

Annual Awards Banquet, Pearson Hall  (Cash bar 5:00 PM, Dinner 5:30 PM)

Friday, June 14

Competition Showroom open 10:00 AM thru 5:00 PM

Five and Three Day seminars in their last day

Saturday, June 15

Competition Showroom open 10:00 AM thru 4:00 PM

Saturday classes start at 8:30 AM and end at 4:30 PM

Judges Critiques Session 11:30 AM, in the back of Pearson Hall

Silent Auction bidding closes at 2:30 PM, held right in the Competition Showroom

End of Show; carvings are released for pickup at 4:00 PM (Not before, so please don't ask).

Saturday, June 15 (after 4:pm) & Sunday, June 16

Show breakdown and clean-up - volunteers welcome!

All carvings not picked up will be re-packed, labeled and taken to the Woodcraft Shop for return shipping.  Please remember that shipped-in carvings must have a prepaid return shipping label if they are to be returned by the same carrier.

All other items and displays related to the show must be cleaned out and returned to storage.  Anyone still in town that can help the Board of Directors and local carvers with the process, please come to Pierson Hall at at 8:30 AM.   Clean-up is usually done by noon; any and all help is greatly appreciated.

A few notes concerning the seminars: